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Main field of research

Elastic-anisotropic properties of rocks and minerals, propagation of elastic waves in heterogeneous unhomogeneous anisotropic media, properties of ether.


2 monographs, 3 books (with co-authors), 8 patents issued in USSR, 23 publications in reviewed scientific journals, 44 articles in unreviewed issues and 4 systematic instructions.

Among main publications:

  1. Reflection and Refraction of elastic waves at the Boundary of Media. — Apatity, 1985, 98 p. (in Russian).
  2. Archean Complex in the Section of the Kola Superdeep Borehole KSDB-3. — Apatity, 1991, 52 p. (with co-authors).
  3. Acoustopolariscopy of Rock Samples. — Apatity, 1995, 204 p. (in Russian).
  4. Seismological Model of the Lithosphere of Northern Europe: Lapland-Pechenga Region — Apatity, 1996, 226 p. (with co-authors, in Russian).
  5. The fundamentals of non-empty ether theory. — Apatity, 1998, 48 p. (in Russian).